Awareness Raising Activities

Awareness Raising, Transnational Meeting, Edinburgh, June 2019 Public launch of the multi-media platform in the framework of events such as pride run and pride festival, including live video screenings. The meeting was closed by the internal project evaluation and lots of inspiration to move on from here!

Awareness Raising and Inclusive Aquatic Sporting Event, Paris, June 2019 During the TIP, an annual LGBTQI+ sporting event in Paris, #B2 put emphasis on the needs of trans* and inter people in aquatic sports. With the aim to find solutions to make sport spaces safe and comfortable to everyone and test our research findings, #B2 designed the event to be degendered throughout the entire competition by having everybody compete together and changing public signs and “identity” of the event. As a second step, #B2 hosted a special race with newly created rules and specific prices and shared experiences from the #B2 endeavour.

Awareness Raising and Transnational Meeting, Zagreb, March/April 2019 We build bridges to the Transvisibility weekend and organized the panel “Beyond Binary Experiences: Transgender, Intersex and Non-Binary Poeople in Sports” as well as a workshop on “How to make sports safe and comfortable”. One of the highlights was to be part of the Balkan Trans Inter March and position sports as field of intervention among (non-sporting) activist groups. Finally, we were taking final steps towards offline awareness and sporting activities (to be held in Paris) and online multi-media dissemination. See more here:

Transnational Meeting and Study Visit, GayGames, August 2018, Paris After the first phase of the project, we aimed to detect problems and envision solutions with regards to both, our collaboration and our research question. During the GayGames, we conducted field research including participatory observation, formal interviews, informal encounters and went home with a load of impressions, video and audio files! We were present at the GayGames with our agenda, made a lot of international contacts and made one more step towards inclusive alliances.