HOW TO: Creating a gender inclusive sport event

Submitted by z.b. on Thu, 06/20/2019 - 23:46

This list of challenges and recommendations for gender inclusive sports events is based on research conducted during major LGB(TQI) sporting events as well as in dialogue with grassroots initiatives in different places throughout Europe (and worldwide). The material includes interviews with athletes, coaches and sports judges as well as other forms of oral and written information from sports groups and the project partners.
The list is thus informed by both, the practices of grassroots actors such as different fun-oriented sporting groups on the one hand as well as the actual regulations, forms and realities that those groups are confronted with at competitive major sporting events for the LGB(TQI) community on the other hand. It should be noted that the intimacy of the sports groups and the visibility of the major events present different challenges and practices but are equally crucial to the imagination and establishment of inclusion in sports.

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