GG 2018 field research - interview: Subversive Sirens

Submitted by z.b. on Tue, 08/07/2018 - 18:27
Subversive Sirens synchro team pose with Kenian runner
In the time of a kind of crisis of innovation of LGBT sport scene, where much of progressive and radical rethinking of sport field seems to be a matter of glorious history or at least of not so recent past, there are few exceptions that proof the rule and that give hope that it is not all limited to mainstreaming and identity politics, with assimilationist normalizations. Radicality and innovation however is more likely to exists in less obvious places, on the margins and among 'outsiders'. The major thrill of field research is a chance to find out of the things you had no idea existed, even though you hoped for them and looked for them all over. Today we were happy to find out about Subversive Sirens synchro team that embodies so much of what we would love to see in a sport and then more. Our interview with them is a gem that we will not easily match.