meeting #1 Berlin

Submitted by z.b. on Sat, 02/10/2018 - 12:44
Project Partners at kick-off meeting, Berlin Feb 2018

First (so called) Transnational meeting of our Erasmus+ project Beyond Binaries was held on 6-7 February 2017 in Berlin.  It was hosted by amazing Seitenwechseln Berlin at a fairly nice location of Berlin's Prenzlauberg, in a venue of new office and center of Hildegard-Lagrenne-Stiftung (Sinti & Roma). With very ambitious plan Project presentation to go through: Goals, Project design/activities, Metodology, Timeline, Deliverables, Budget presentation, Payment procedures, Administration support, Transnational meetings, Exceptional costs Reporting requirements, Communication between partners and even Contract and Monitoring plan (?!) - which surely all did not fit but we did got an overview of all aspects, including the "Best practice" study visit and meeting planning (next activities)...

All partners were present: Seitenwechseln (Berlin, Germany) Queer Sport Split  (Split, Croatia), Out in Slovenija (Ljubljana, Slovenia), LEAP Sports (Glasgow, Scotland, UK)  and Aquahomo (Paris, France) - totalling 11 participants.